Disney MYZOS: Stylish Must-Have Bracelets

Disney MYZOS are the hot and affordable new bracelets worn by celebrity moms and kids alike. The collection features your favorite Disney characters from Disney Fairies, High School Musical 3, Hannah Montana and the Muppets. These fun accessories can be worn as a bracelet, anklet or even a hairtie and can adjust to fit all sizes.

A lengthy list of Hollywood clientele has jumped on the MYZOS bandwagon including Alison Sweeney and son Benjamin, Renee Baio and daughter Bailey, Denise Richards, Noah Cyrus, Emily Grace Reeves and many more. And at just $14, you don't have to be a celebrity to be be able to afford one.

Beyond the Disney collection, skulls, hearts, peace signs, crowns, butterflies, and stars are among the many other designs available. Tweens love choosing one that fits their personality and interests.

Who started this craze? 8 year old Savanna Sterling with the help of 7 year old brother Jackson designed, made and launched the first MYZOS bracelets from their home. After making them for friends and family, the bracelets took off in a big way and it became a new tween fashion trend. To give back to the community, the family created MYZOS-Colors for Cause. The motto-designate your cause, design your charm, sell a MYZO and make a differe

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