Any Way You See it, You Gotta Have Myzos!

Caryn with Hannah Zeile

At age 8, Savanna Sterling recently went to her mom and said, "Hey Mom, look at this cool bracelet I made!" From the imagination of a little girl, the business savvy of her 7-year-old brother Jackson and the branding ingenuity of her entire family, Savanna's idea spawned the latest tween craze in cool, fun fashion -- MYZOS!.

Savanna Sterling and her family created MYZOS in their Southern California home with a handful of color combinations for bracelets to give to their family and friends. From the hard work of a loving mother and the support of her family, the rapid success of the product has resulted in a growing business with more than 200 combinations in the marketplace. Savanna and mom Caryn are co-inventors on the MYZOS Patent Pending.

Hollywood Has Myzos!

First MYZOS were used as the VIP bracelets for Warner Bros. Pictures, premiere of AUGUST RUSH, starring Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Robin Williams, Terrance Howard and Freddie Highmore. Over the weekend, a special bracelet was created for the Los Angeles premiere event of Disney's ENCHANTED and a one-of-a-kind platinum MYZOS, was donated to benefit My Friend's Place at a special advanced screening of the film. The n, MYZOS was gifted to the invited guests to the worldwide DVD release of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2.

From MYZOS and MYZOS Charmed to TEAM MYZOS and TEAM MYZOS Charmed, the Sterling family has created a tween sensation that is capturing the attention of kids and adults alike, making MYZOS their must have items this winter.

Realizing her daughter had created something special, former marketing executive Caryn Sterling and her husband Lance used their branding and marketing expertise, along with the support of their children Jackson (7), Savanna (8), Shelby (13) and Jake (14), in building a tween fashion trend together as a family. Caryn and Lance had always taught their kids to think outside of the box, to take initiatives, to make the right choices and to give to others. The MYZOS brand became their latest way of showing their children that you can make things happen when you have an idea, work hard and follow through.

The Sterlings also taught their children that with opportunity comes a responsibility to give back to the community and those who are in need and therefore created MYZOS-Colors for Cause. The motto, "Designate your cause, design your charm, sell a MYZO and make a difference.

Anyway you see gotta have MYZOS!. The colors and customization of charms on MYZOS is limitless. Tweens are finding that MYZOS allow them to show their support for their school, their favorite sports teams, their circle of friends, the holidays, special events, charities, patriotism and so much more.

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